ESL is the place, where passion, innovation and community come together. We developed a design strategy based on the intersection between gaming and sports where ESL's is at the heart. A lighthouse that spreads the culture, passion and grassroots of ESL and connects with the community. Flexible, versatile, bold and impactful. 
ESL is the experience. ESL is the moment. ESL is the place where it happens! If you are looking for raw energy, emotions and legendary moments, ESL is the place for you.

ESL is the trailblazer who brought eSports into the masses. Ever the pioneers ESL push the boundaries of eSport as an experience.

ESL is the powerful force that originates the eSport world. The place that makes your heart beat, blows your mind, and embraces the community.
Navigation across platforms is key to drive users to live and participate on ESL's world of excitement.

The solution, a toolkit that allows ESL's team to build and react live to their different matches and events. 
ESL's identity core graphic elements that allow us to build the place.
The timelines. A new way of communicating streaming details to the users. A countdown to events and at the same time a guide to know what's next. 
A set of backgrounds, each in our colour palette, were designed to give a wide range of options to represent the place where everything happens.
Motion was key to develop ESL's identity across different mediums. Bold, flexible, built from the grassroots just as ESL.
ESL Toolkit  //  Montage
Live Events //  Live Graphics
Print // Off Air
Workshop, research and several interviews with ESL's team where key to discover their history, passion and vision for one of the big players of eSports today. Capturing the essence of ESL as one team, working hand in hand with the client.
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