Suddenly, you are nothing. And then… you’re there.
The Plot
In the dystopian present, the earth is slowly dying from pollution. A social crisis starts to build. When a new discovery in quantum physics provides hope, a series of mysterious murders happen all over the globe targeting the scientists who are involved in the project. An intergalactic conspiracy where no one can be trusted.
The concept it's based on three simultaneous stories. Scientifics getting ready and preparing a machine. Memories of earth. A person teleporting. We combined this to create a mood for the show leaving an open ending for the viewers to complete.
We want to put you in the mood to hear our story, to ignite your curiosity, to give you an experience and to give you hints about the story you’re about to see.
Title Sequence
Concept Development
Creators / Directors Andrea Ramirez Armada & Attila Tóth
VFX / 3D Robert Horvath
Cinematography Geoff Trodd & Emma Ejdestig
Music Jyrki Nevala
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