"A magical Christmas land".

TV3's unique Christmas village "snelandskab" it's a modern approach to a traditional Danish celebration built after months of 3D printing, moulding, painting and building. The small village comes to life through stop-motion animation of the "Nisses" the naughty gnomes.

3D printed and built. TV3's unique Christmas village it's reimagined in a cosy and stylish city, inhabited by "Nisses" traditional naughty gnomes that bring the magic of Christmas to every home in Denmark.
CONCEPT EVOLUTION - Coca-Cola brand partnership  
The campaign was so successful among the people in Denmark, and its concept so loved, that Coca-cola sharing the spirit of a "Magical Christmas" partnered with us to produce another full year of our Christmas magical land, this time, our naughty nisses pursuing the iconic coca-cola bottle!
The Snelandskab
Building "The Snelandskab"
We started this project with the purpose of creating a unique village that could be achieved in camera, mixing traditional methods with new techniques as 3D printing, and the most important without CGI.

We develop the concept, styleframes and storyboard. We designed every little element  and we were during months modeling, 3D Printing, mould-casting, soldering, wiring and finally we used stopmotion animation to bring to life this magic world. This was a complete team effort, and it required a lot of different skills.
the village
Dr. Oatker sponsorship 
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