Concept strategy
The power of three, we celebrate a unique intersection of content, people and Sweden's first ever commercial channel. As simple as 1.2.3.
An identity based on the number three that effortlessly reinforce TV3's brand at every touchpoint: idents, osp, print, digital, social media, sound design, and we do it all with a hint of playfulness.
TV3 Rebrand Montage
Typography & colour palette
All the design layout is based on a flexible and dynamic three panel layout. The center panel moves, and the other panels resize accordingly. 
The three part grid will allow us to have a distinct layout for all the communications. Together with the three-part colour palette allow us to create a playful visual interface that is used trough the entire package, achieving a cohesive and unique brand.
On-Air Toolkit
We take ownership of the content by introducing the Three-Part Grid.
Establishing TV3 positioning within the family of brands.
Menus & line ups
Digital and OOH 
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