"El encuadre" A space to share. A unique framing of life. 

The "+" open spaces for the viewers to share with VLM every morning. The new visual identity starts with a rebrand of the logo, where we keep the dialogue box but we give a new layer of meaning why combining it with the "+" from Canal 9 Televida's brand. The "+" is the action that brings all the information into the screen, revealing not only content and information but also spaces for the viewers to participate. 
Main elements
A strong typography and colour palette is used to hierarchize all the on-screen information and quickly adapt to urgent news and events that the journalists need to address. Together with the visual elements developed we create a toolkit that's visually impactful and has a meaningful connection with the public and the main brand.
An identity that suits every type of content, being versatile and modern. 
Lower Thirds & Live Graphs
Example - Weather application
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